August 2017 Enrollment Promotion!

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****Enrollment Promotion for the 2017/2018 Fall Program****

~Register for fall enrollment in August and receive a $25 discount off the registration fee.

~Refer a Family: Receive a referral discount of 10% off yearly tuition when friend enrolls for the 2017/2018 School Year.

When calling mention promotion code “Little Yellow Schoolhouse”

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Island Kiddie Kampus is an outstanding beginning for your child’s introduction to the world of education.

We have been in the business of High Quality Child Care for 40 years, with three locations to be of service to you:

Riverview  14525 Sibley Rd  734-479-4191

Southgate 12250 Fort St       734-281-8555                

Taylor  15740 Racho Blvd  734-374-8222  ext 202

Our staff is very well educated in Early Childhood Education, with Associates and Bachelors.

Our buildings provide a secure entry, and all classrooms are equipped with age and developmentally appropriate child development materials.

Island Kiddie Kampus’ philosophy describes a program created for the well-being of children. The staff of Island Kiddie Kampus feel a child needs an opportunity to grow, discover and develop a positive self-concept.  With the provided respect, discipline and freedom, learning will come easily in a prepared environment.

Looking forward to meeting you and your family,

Shirley Mohney

Island Kiddie Kampus Child Development Center Inc.

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