Welcome to Island Kiddie Kampus!

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    Welcome to Island Kiddie Kampus.

    Island Kiddie Kampus’ philosophy is designed for the well-being of all children. We provide an atmosphere in which each child can feel good about school and his/her ability to function happily and successfully. Proudly serving you in Grosse Ile, Riverview, and Southgate, Michigan.


  • Announcement!! BIG Changes are Coming to Southgate!

    We are pleased to announce that our Southgate Kiddie Kampus location will soon be moving to the Peace Lutheran Church at 12250 Fort Street, Southgate. This is a HUGE improvement for our children and families!! Not only will we have our own private entrance and spacious facility, but there is a fenced in play yard! We look forward to having a safe, secure facility just for our children. A moving date has not yet been determined, but we are hoping to start serving our families from our new location by Fall 2014! Please check back for updates!

    NEW Location- At Trillium Academy!

    We will be providing childcare at the Trillium Academy, 15740 Racho Road, Taylor. This classroom will be for ages three and four. This center will open September 2014!

    As always, we look forward to providing the best education for your child (children)!


    Why accreditation matters

    Parents choosing an early childhood education program can be overwhelmed by trying to find the highest-quality program for their child.  NAEYC Accreditation is the mark of quality that families are looking for.